Pili Ani Protect and Sanitize Set 2021

Keep your hands clean in the new normal with the Pili Ani Protect & Sanitize Set. It comes with (2) Pili Ani Alco-Sanitizers 150ml and a Pili Ani Alco-Spritzer 45ml.
A potent yet mindfully crafted hand sanitizer formulated using Elemi Oil, Elemi Hydrosol, and 70% Ethyl Alcohol. Elemi Oil has anti-bacterial properties that help in cleansing skin.
This fragrant hand sanitizer is also made topurify the skin while ensuring that it stays moisturized. The Pili Ani Alco-Spritzer 45ml comes with a silicone case and a keyring.
Set Includes:
2pcs Clean & Green Alco-Sanitizer 150ml, and a free 1pc Clean & Green Alco-Sanitizer 45ml with funnel
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