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Pili Oil Is the New Skincare Ingredient You've Never Heard Of, but Need to Know

Pili Oil Is the New Skincare Ingredient You've Never Heard Of, but Need to Know

As the K-beauty boom has proven, people are eager for beauty secrets from around the globe. Allow me to suggest the next location for your radar: the Philippines. It's home to Pili Ani, a brand-new skincare line that recently landed in the US.

To you, this is an unknown brand that has yet win you over. To me, this is a major milestone. I'm overjoyed to be seeing a beauty brand come out of the country where my parents are from, especially since Pili Ani hails specifically from Bicol, the region in the Philippines where they grew up. Filipino beauty products aren't on the map as far as major US retailers go, and this collection could be the first to change that. But I digress — let's get to the goods.

The hero ingredient of the five-piece collection of serums and creams is pili oil. It is extracted from the bark and pulp of the pili tree native to the Philippines, where it thrives best during tropical storms. Most locals recognize pili for its edible seed (I can attest that the candied version makes a scrumptious snack), but the oil is comparable to other popular, natural skincare solutions like argan and coconut oils. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and beta carotene, pili oil is a nutrient bomb for skin... 

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