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Frequently Asked Questions
What makes PILI ANI unique?

Ever heard of pili and elemi oil? PILI ANI is the first and only company in the world that offers beauty and wellness products using oils—pili oil from the fruit and elemi oil from the sap from the bark—of the pili tree. We are a natural, clean-and-green holistic brand that aims to bring you an enhanced experience of skin care, beauty, and wellness.

How long have these products been in the market?
What makes your products premium?
What are the benefits of using Pili Oil?
What makes Pili Ani different from other oils in the market?
What are the benefits of using Elemi Oil?
What products does PILI ANI carry?
Are PILI ANI products paraben-, sulfate-, PEG-, EDTA-, and silicone-free?
Are PILI ANI products cruelty-free?
Are PILI ANI products hypoallergenic?
I’m allergic to nuts. Can I still use your pili-based products?
Do PILI ANI products contain allergens? What allergies could PILI ANI products possibly trigger?
Are PILI ANI products organic?
Can I use PILI ANI products past the expiration date?
Does PILI ANI have permits for selling these products?
Is PILI ANI safe for pregnant women?
Are essential oil blends safe for kids to use?
What is SLS? Do PILI ANI products contain SLS?
Does PILI ANI have a product for my acne-prone skin?
How long can I see the effects of your brightening products?
Do I need a humidifier to use your essential oil blends?
How can I find out about coupons, samples, and free shipping?
Is PILI ANI open for distribution?
Can we use Ageless Concentrate with other brands?


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