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Face Oils 101: What They Are, How To Use Them, And How to Pick What’s Right For You

Face oils have become the buzzword of the beauty industry in the last few years. With the big push towards clean, sustainable, and natural products, it’s fairly obvious why these plant-based facial oils have taken over the vanity bureaus of many skincare enthusiasts. 

Why We’re Ditching Our Other Skincare Items for This Multitasking Face Cream

A new trend that’s taking over the beauty industry is skinimalism. It trades complicated multi-step rituals in favor of just the essentials. Amid skincare du jour that emphasizes quality always over quantity, this back-to-basics routine wants you to clear away your vanity table for only one or two choice products that manage to do all.


Pili Oil Is the New Skincare Ingredient You've Never Heard Of, but Need to Know

As the K-beauty boom has proven, people are eager for beauty secrets from around the globe. Allow me to suggest the next location for your radar: the Philippines. It's home to Pili Ani, a brand-new skincare line that recently landed in the US.To you, this is an unknown brand that has yet win you over. To me, this is a major milestone. I'm overjoyed to be seeing a beauty brand ome out of the country where my parents are from, especially since Pili Ani hails specifically from Bicol, the region in the Philippines where they grew up[...]

What is Pili Oil?

The Pili Tree

The heritage of Pili Ani really begins with an amazing gift from nature only found in a specific region of the Philippines.  This area, known as the Bicol region, is so remote there are almost no roads to get there.  At the foot of the Mayon Volcano, in rich fertile soil, the Pili Tree grows and provides its bounty to the local people.  Called the Chosen Tree, the magnificent Pili Tree is better described as the Giving Tree because of all the amazing things it provides to the community where it grows. Not only is it a source for a multitude of products including food, healing oils and anti-aging skincare, it supports the local economy in countless ways. 

Meet the founders of Pili Ani, Mother-Daughter Duo Rosalina & Mary Jane

Meet the founders of Pili Ani, Rosalina Tan and Mary Jane Tan-Ong. Working together as a Mother-Daughter duo, they have built a brand that represents a deeper kind of beauty - one that is founded on love and caring for others. We sat down with them to find out what it has been like build this business from the ground up together as a family.


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