The 7 Rules of Face Washing, According to Dermatologists


Ice-water or steaming hot? Double-cleansing or brushing? All these confusing terms surrounding face-washing almost sound like options for how you want your morning latte. So, we looked at what the real skin experts are saying about this and summarized it into a no-nonsense, science-based list on the best way to cleanse your face. Because whether you’re an enthusiastic-10-stepper or an in-the-shower kind of face-washer, there’s probably something in here that you wish you knew sooner.


1. DON'T go overboard

Getting overzealous while piling on your favorite cleansing product like you’re frosting a cake is a skincare no-no. You should also limit washing your face to twice a day if you want to avoid breakouts, irritation and even premature aging. 



2. DO use lukewarm water

Too hot water can strip the moisture from your skin and lead to flare ups, especially for those with sensitivity issues. Ice cold water on the other hand, shocks your pores into tightening and traps bacteria and dirt into the skin. Get the temperature to a comfortable, “just right” level.


3. DO find a gentle, skin-caring formula

Strip everything down to the most natural, hydrating and skin-balancing ingredients. The Pili Ani Gentle Facial Cleanser gives you that deep-clean experience without over stripping moisture, thanks to its plant-based, anti-bacterial active, Elemi Oil.  


4. DON'T get lazy

It may be tempting to use wipes or other shortcuts, but these weren’t made to replace your cleanser and good old water.


5. DO spend time on the massage

Give your cleanser some time to work. Rather than mindlessly scrubbing away, take a minute to gently massage your face in circular motions. This encourages blood circulation – hello soft, young looking skin!


6. DO use a towel that's just for your face

You don’t want to know the number of bacteria lurking in that bath towel that’s been hanging from your rack for 3 days. Gently pat dry with a designated face towel and avoid rubbing vigorously. 



7. DON'T skip the toner

We’re all for simplifying your life but missing out on all the goodness that a toner can provide your skin is something that just won’t do. A vital step in between cleansing and moisturizing, “toning” removes any last traces of dirt and impurities while soothing, firming and prepping it for hydration. The Pili Ani Purifying Toner has been infused with Elemi Oil and aloe vera extract for excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits while being 100% natural.


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